Building a Fund

Do you need to create a funding vehicle or an investment syndicate?

Do you have investors public and or private looking to pool their finances to benefit from a fund structure?

There are many types and mechanisms you will need help to sort out which works for you.

The partners in Finance Tree have created and managed 3 venture capital companies and more than 6 venture capital funds. We are happy to help you set up your own. The key to creating a new venture fund or venture capital vehicle is identifying your objectives. Our experience extends from commercial seed and startup funds to EU regional development Funds with a focus on economic development to pure financial return.

Whatever the fund structure, investment return expectation, and other objectives, we can build in suitable elements to the fund to meet financial, economic, social and all enterprise objectives. 

We provide a phased process to identify target needs of any venture capital or similar fund scheme and then progress through to fund creation, and importantly attracting the capital.

With considerable experience of the needs of the public sector including procurement of fund management and reporting, monitoring and governance structures suitable for European program and UK government backed venture funds we can build in what you need to succeed. The founding team of FinanceTree have between them established more than 8 venture capital funds. These funds have in total included more than £60 million pounds of public and private capital.