Attracting Investment

We can help you identify the right investor and a strategy to attract them. The investor becomes a partner with you on the journey to success, so select them with care.

Don't get stuck with a difficult deal or a shareholder that doesn’t fit with your ethos and the fundamental aims of your business. Getting rid of an investor is harder than finding one in the first place, costly and time consuming. So get it right first time.

Our team has extensive experience in working with companies but also venture capital, Business Angels and other investors. We will help assess an investor in terms of experience and the connections and advice they bring. Such factors are often overlooked in a dash for cash.

We have connections and networks in London, the North East, and other parts of the UK. Wherever the location we work on ensuring the right relationship is in place. The credibility with the investment community is built on the strengths of our corporate finance team and the founder's who are themselves investors and manage venture capital funds.

FinanceTree is independent, but we work with and have the knowledge in our team from the Founders and Directors of our sister company Rivers Capital Partners, the Fund Managers.

How can we help?

Just contact us to find out... from turning your business plan into an investment proposition to locating the investors and closing a deal. We will give you the edge to meet the return expectations of any investors from VC funds to Crowdsourcing and Business Angels.